Thursday, May 10, 2007

What If?

You know, I was thinking. Have you ever stopped to wonder about your faith? Have you ever thought to yourself or maybe even shared with some friends a question like "what if Jesus wasn't real" or even "what if God doesn't exist?" Let's just say for a minute that a lot of people who have lived, are living and will live in this world have been completely duped! Let's just say for the sake of argument that the Bible was just a big conspiracy that was dreamed up a long time ago to see how many people could be fooled! What if everything that I personally believe in was false and that after my life is over on this planet then I would be like rover and be dead all over? What if there was no heaven, hell, angels or demons and people have no souls? Would that make the life that I have been living suddenly become worthless? What if? What if? What if?

Well, let me put it like this. I used to be single, gambling every dime I had in casinos, unemployed or at least barely employed, way over weight, selfish, stubborn (at least more so than I am now), hanging out in bars on the weekends, and I really hated myself! About twelve years ago I renewed my walk with the Lord and although it has been a tough road some times it has been well worth the journey. You see if God isn't real and none of the things that I have built this foundation of faith on exist then why has my life turned around? Some might say that my change in attitude and the fact that I began following a "moral compass" has caused this change. But, I can tell you that I have changed from the inside out. I have become a different man than I was twelve years ago and I actually like the guy I see in the mirror these days. Granted my life and me in general are not perfect but let's just say that both are greatly improved.

What if all of these beliefs brought me no glory at the end of my life? SO WHAT! The belief system that has been set up in the inner most parts of me has changed me for the better. I am a better man now than I have ever been before. I am better physically, emotionally, socially, economically and most importantly spiritually. My walk with God is a no lose proposition. God hasn't promised us a life of luxury and I certainly am not claiming to have that but I do have contentment with life. I have learned to enjoy the important things like people instead of possessions. If God isn't real and my life were to end tomorrow and there was no eternity in which to go, then my faith has not been wasted. The legacy that I hope to leave behind me will be one of patience, understanding, self control and caring for others and if there is no God then I am fully content with that.

But I believe that God is real! He created the universe in only six days and is alive and well and working in people today. I not only have a promise of heaven but I have a father who cares for me on this earth. He will never leave me and He will never forsake me. You can't convince me that there is no God but if I am wrong and all the things I believe in are false then I have still had a great life. Be blessed beyond belief today.


At 9:45 AM, Anonymous Bruiser said...

Excellent thoughts there brother! Here's kinda' the way I look at it. If God isn't real and I don't believe, then I die and I'm wrong...there will be hell to pay, literally. If God isn't real and I DO believe, then I die, I've lost nothing and had a great life. If God is real and I believe (as I do), then I die...I've gained everything!!

At 9:46 AM, Anonymous Bruiser said...

oops...first line should read "if God is real and I don't believe..."

At 4:55 PM, Blogger big j said...

I think that's why we have faith and we do belive. This thing about if gods there or not is in my opinion not the right way to go. yeah it's sounds good and all, but where surpose to belive, not just cover the bases. just so that if gods not there it won't be a big deal. I think by us who belive, saying that it's like us, saying we don't belive in the bible, and god. by saying I rather be save and it be a mistake than do nothing at all and find out there is a god. I belive if we are saved and we do belive in god that we will not just die. we will go to heaven. Please remember this is my opinion I'm mot attacking no one for what they belive. have a good one.

At 8:37 PM, Anonymous angie said...

I believe in to each his own. Whatever believe in when it comes to religion is your business and no one has a right to tell you that you are wrong for believing that way.

At 8:38 PM, Anonymous angie said...

That is my opinion anyway.

At 7:09 AM, Blogger Doug E. Pudge said...

Well first of all thanks for the comments. Bruiser I lean more toward your philosophy on this and I think that what Big J is saying is that it is more than just being safe it is about true faith in someone greater than us. At least I think that is the core of what he is saying.
Angie, to say "to each his own" is a very American concept. Now, I will agree that no one should cram God down anyone's throat but if a person chooses to believe in the God of the Bible then that person cannot choose to only pick out those parts they like. God is extremely consistant thoughout the old and new testaments and His word has survived many decades. The bottom line really is whether or not we take God for who He really is or do we reject Him. B4T

At 11:46 AM, Anonymous angie said...

Okay Doug. Love you.


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