Monday, October 22, 2007

The Joy Of The Lord

You know, I was thinking. I am now safe and sound back in Hazleton but the trip got to me this time around. I guess driving over 1000 miles in a weekend is starting to get to me. I became something that I despise yesterday and that is a WHINER! I am really getting tired of being here without my family. I am really getting tired of driving back and forth sooooooooooooo much and am tired of the fatigue that I feel on Monday mornings. The worst thing is that I was really making great time yesterday and it looked like my eight hour drive was going to be closer to seven. I was about to set a new land speed record and enter the Honda in next year's Indy 500 and then I get to mile marker 183 in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania where I came to a dead stop! I sat there for about 20 minutes, we then got going again for about a mile and then a dead stop again. It was the worst road construction traffic jam that I have EVER been in! I lost an hour and a half and didn't get home until after 9 p.m. My peace, joy and any happiness that was left went right out the window because I CHOSE to allow it to happen.

Why do I choose to allow my circumstances and situations dictate what I feel and how I react? Why is it I look at what is NOT finished on the house instead of what is finished. Why do I feel abandoned and rejected so often and cannot seem to get that balance in life that I so desparately need? The answer is simple, I have lost my focus. I have taken my eyes off of Jesus and am allowing myself to be faithless and tossed around like a boat on the water without a rutter or a sail! I have allowed myself to get caught up in this "oh whoa is me" type attitude instead of taking charge of what is in my control and turning over to God what is not.

Today I am tired physically, spiritually and emotionally. I know what I need to do to get back on an even keel. After work I will go home and rest, read my bible, spend some time in prayer call my wife and do whatever I know to do to recharge. This weekend I am not driving home, Rachel has to stay back in Waterford because of some plans with Daniel for the weekend. So Saturday I am going to take a day of recreation. In the morning I think that I will start a load of laundry and then walk downtown for a while and maybe go to a small diner and have some breakfast of just a cup of coffee. In the afternoon I will most likely drive down to Lancaster county and watch a ball game with Shel. Then in the evening I will more than likely spend some more time on the phone with my honey and some time in the Word. Pray for me and my family! We are doing fine with our relationships with one another but I know that they are all feeling some of the same things that I am feeling. We all need to get this time in our lives behind us and move forward.

The joy of the Lord, will be my strength
I will not falter, I will not faint
He will be strong to deliver me safe
The joy of the Lord is my strength

The joy of the Lord
The joy of the Lord
The joy of the Lord
The joy of the Lord is my strength

The joy of the Lord
The joy of the Lord
The joy of the Lord
The joy of the Lord is my strength

Be blessed beyond belief today!


At 1:02 PM, Blogger Swinging Sammy said...

It was good to see you yesterday. Next weekend will do much to restore your health (holistically), you know we have a new group that meets on Saturday mornings for this purpose...oh wait you're not coming this weekend. Have a good week.

At 1:05 PM, Anonymous wheres jim? said...

You know it occurred to me that some of us are introverts and some are extroverts. One characteristic of extroverts is that they need to be around other people to recharge, where introverts need some "alone time" to recharge. Regardless of our personality, we all need some "alone" time with the Father from time to time to spiritually recharge...

Donna and I are planning a recharge trip to Atlanta to see Joyce Meyer around the 1st of November and we are planning a trip to Ft. Wayne later in November to see Casting Crowns. It is all about balance. We all need balance. Our pendulum swings between huge faith and hard work and the pendulum moves most quickly just through the balance point. Well I must be off..

At 1:20 PM, Anonymous Mud Puppy said...

Great seeing you Sunday!

In the words of Milli Vanilli..."Baby, Don't forget my number"!!!


At 10:23 AM, Blogger Swinging Sammy said...

did they really say that, or just lip synch it? LOL

At 12:03 PM, Anonymous Tom said...

Good to see you again Sunday. I'm working on getting a crew together. I've not heard from anyone yet, but will call you on Wed. Be blessed!


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