Friday, July 08, 2005

Friday Feast - An Ode To Special Friends

You know, I was thinking. I have been blessed in my life with some friends who are just absolutely the best thing that have ever happened to me. I could go on for days talking about these relationships and what they mean to me, but in the tradition of what I started last week I am going to give you my top four (not in any particular order):

Where's Jim - James Yearsin, I believe that he must be a secret agent or something because no one could ever be that oblivious and right on top of things at the same time. He is truly a friend who has been there with me over the last few years. He and I have golfed together, sang together, went to ball games together, anoyed his wife together, prayed together, evangelized together, wept together and laughed together! His tender heart and iron head (you know I love you) make for a unique loving person who's friendship I hope to have forever!

Pastor Tom - Thomas Peter Hawkins II, a man who has put up with me for about 13 years now. Tom and I have always been there for one another. He as been a spirtual leader, a buddy, a swift kicker of my butt, a brother, a protector, a hand up, a work out partner, an encouragement and the only mechanic alive that could have kept the WW1 on the road! Tom has seen me at my worst and my best and has always shown me love no matter what! Be blessed my wingman.

Shel - Sheldon Leon Thorpe, a man who a few years ago became one of my closest friends ever. I never thought that I could get that close to someone and his entire family so quickly. I could begin by telling you of the beginning stages of the Pilgrimage (if you don't know what it is then you really don't need to) to numerous phone conversations that span everthing from current weather conditions, to how the date of Easter Sunday is determined, to the Yankees, Tigers, Lions, Cowboys but most of all U of M football. We are so similar it's scary (ask his wife) and yet we have very different lives. Shel is my buddy, my pal, my packing partner, my fellow sports fan, and my friend. Shel, let me just say Thank You!

Special K - Paul Keyser, the second of my wingmen. Special K and I have know each other for at least the last five years. Quite frankly I am not sure when we met but I do know that we hit it off right away. I take pride it dubbing him "Special K". He and I have shared a lot together through the years and we certainly have had some parallel experiences. He's my freind, my brother, and a man who I respect tremendously. You have been such a blessing to me and I hope that we can grow even closer through the years.

I don't believe life is measured by what you have but who you have in it. I am blessed beyond belief! Who is special in your life? Please share that with me today. Be blessed today.


At 8:41 AM, Blogger Russell said...

(excluding my extremely close and very cool immediate and external family....)

I've been really happy to start breaking down comfort zones and getting to know and share with some people around me. Here are some that have been very influencial as of late...

Danny Rockin' Bacus
Kevin The King Ward
Dougthusala E Pudge
Jay Mullet Mollette
Sammy Crash Walsh
Chris The Carpenter Nevins
Owen Tinkerbell Bailey
Derek The Gun Lewandowski
Paul The Saint Keyser
Jeff On The Keys Bacus
Jack With The Legs Blayer
Bruce The Bear Schultz
Jason It's A Bird Bolton
Jamie Show Me Some Thigh Fraley
Jim Dirt Yearsin
Bruce The Stash Vavrinek

There are so many more and ladies as well...I think you get the point. We are blessed!

At 10:44 AM, Blogger where's jim? said...

Love you guys, you know I think I am gonna cry. To quote a famous evangelist, "It's time to think about what your're thinking about."

At 12:58 PM, Blogger Four-Leaf K' lover said...

Russ, I think you need to state some of the ladies that are special to you...go beyond the comfort zone.

At 12:58 PM, Blogger Four-Leaf K' lover said...

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At 1:50 PM, Blogger Russell said...

Rashelle Do The Dew Gilbert
Donna Keep It Simple Yearsin
Cindy The Smiler Kennedy
Kelly Blushin' Nevins
Laura Disco Queen Walsh
Christina Skinny Mollette
Heather The Boss Bacus
Nicholl Doughnuts Bailey
Jill On The Bass Blayer
Becca Breadwinner Bolton
Kathy Caterer Hendrickson
Cindy The Queen Ward
Lonna Bawstin Vavrinek
Jodi Got Lew Fixed Lewandowski
Debbie Trail Blazer Keyser
Pat Four Wheelin' Fraley
Tonya Scout Master Couture

(...again, many many more...i guess i was just listing the men cause we've been bonding pretty seriously lately, round tables, retreats, softball, etc...sorry :-) )

At 2:31 PM, Blogger Russell said...

I forgot one important male...

Brandon The Ying to my Yang Deloach

At 2:49 PM, Blogger wowgirl said...

so, so many....

My awesome, amazing husband who still makes heart leap with the smallest glance across a room

my kids who teach me every moment how to love

Ms K'Lover Kelly who is "practically my sister" & who I dearly love.

the whole Nevins family for that matter

the whole collection of blogger buddies who lift me up in prayer, knock me off my chair (laughing) with their wit, and astound me with insight and vision.

my incredible church family who has afforded us the miracle sleeping in the bassinet next to me

my amazing Momma

my hospice family

...thats just the short list...I really am blessed

At 3:37 PM, Blogger Four-Leaf K' lover said...

I feel very blessed...
Chris (because he is my friend too), Sam and Laura Walsh (if it was not for them, Chris and I would not have the pleasure of our church family), my church family-truly everyone and that is alot of people to list, Jim and Donna Yearsin because they are Jim and Donna(no explaination needed), Julie (one of my bestest friends from college. There are so many more--everyone has a special place in my heart.

At 2:43 AM, Blogger SassyC said...

~My husband, Johnny
~My children
~My parents~ well, my entire family really, inlaws included
~There are several women at church who are special to me also ~ Linda, Pam, Christi, Val, Marie, Theresa
~Pastor Chris


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