Friday, January 20, 2006

Friday Feast - An Ode To The Automobile

You know, I was thinking. It is that time of year again when all of America is focusing on Detroit. Now, this has nothing to do with the upcoming Superbowl, but rather the North American International Auto Show! So I thought Detroit................Cars...............Friday Feast time. So here they are, the top five vehicles that have been personally owned by the Pudgeman over the years:

5. The 1968 Green Chevy Imala - Nicknamed the Green Bomb. The first car that was actually mine! Started driving this monster during my junior year of high school. My brother had owned it before me and had redone the engine with a high lift cam and oversized pistons. This car would flat out hit it and get it. It lasted me until my Sophomore year of college when a freak accident (while my roomate was driving) destroyed the rear end of the car, but the engine and tranny were fine. More about that later.

4. The 1988 Lt. Blue Mercury Sable Wagaon - Nicknamed the War Wagon, this vehicle went over 260,000 miles. When I got the car in 1997 it had less than 80,000! This beauty lasted me up until December of 2004 when I officially retired it because there was absolutely no heat! Ah, but what memories I have of that car slowly deteriorating around me! Excuse me while I wipe a tear from my eye.

3. The 1981 Brown Ford Escort - No nickname here. This is the car I married in to. It was owned by my Fiancee (later my wife) and was a great vehicle for economy. I was tipping the scales at over 350# at the time so I must have looked pretty funny behind the wheel of that thing. The five speed standard transmission went through three clutches in the five years we had the car, we finally sold it to some college student who had to put another clutch in it.

2. The 1988 Dk. Blue Ford Taurus Wagon - Nicknamed the WWII (that's War Wagon II thanks to Sammy) this is the current and soon to be retired ride for the Pudgeman! This car was just given to me by a friend and although I have only owned this car for a little over a year, it has become synonomous with Pudgemania! But, alas, it too is crumbling around me and must soon be replaced. I will miss it's roomy interior and 18 miles to the gallon!

1. The 1974 Red Monte Carlo - Nicknamed Monte, this was the car that replaced the Green Bomb! I bought this vehicle from a friend with a severe engine knock because I planned on putting the engine and tranny from the Green Bomb into it. This was the sweetest ride I have ever owned. Great sound system, beautiful paint job, spotless interior, could fit up to 6 college students in it, and the chicks dug it! Very few cars could ever top this one. I only had it for two years when a severe electrical problem side lined the car and I sold it to my buddies dad who scrapped it out.

There you have it! Pudge's top five vehicles ever. You won't see any of these at this year's auto show, but they will live forever in my heart. Be blessed beyond belief today.


At 9:09 AM, Blogger Russell said...

I've never been a car guy in the sense that I could tell you what engine was in what car, but I've always dug the asthetics of cars and appreciate power and speed.

With that said, here is the sum total of cars:

1. 4-Door Escort - older and rusty
2. 4-Door Escort - a little newer. not so rusty
3. 1990 GEO Prism - my pride and joy
4. Hyundai Elantra - not the greatest car, but it got us by
5. 2001 Oldsmobile Alero - maroon
6. 1999 Oldsmobile Alero - white
7. 1999 Ford Windstar - brown

At 12:02 PM, Blogger where's jim? said...

All right, here you go..(In order)
1963 Pontiac Catalina, 389..
1968 Opel Cadette, 1000 cc (Red)
1965 Chevy Impala 289 3 sp. (Silver)
1963 VW Bus (self explanatory)
1968 Ford Falcon Blue 2dr. (my sisters car)
1973 Ford Torino (my brothers car)
1964 Buick Skylark
1973 Gremlin (I married into that one 1st time).
1978 Mercury Zephyr (Maroon)
1985 Aerostar Van
1873 Pontiac 350 (Ole Butt Ugly)
1974 Chevy Stepside Pickem up (Powder blue)
1972 Olds Cutlass Police version
(454 8 mpg) I married into that one two, Donna got a speeding ticket one thanksgiving day I recall)
1985 Buick Station Wagon
Qty (3) $500 cars (last one see just above)
1994 Acura Integra (nice)
1995 Ford Taurus, (you may have seen that blue one around town)
1997 F150 maroon ext cab
1997 F150 (green xlt)
1997 Interpid (White)
1997 Intrepid (Silver)
2001 Concorde (now in Chicago)
2004 Crown Vic (current)
And last but not least...
2004 Honda Civic...Black..

At 1:56 PM, Blogger Doug E. Pudge said...

Some people are just old! B4T

At 6:22 PM, Blogger Four-Leaf K' lover said...

I did not realsize it was possible to own so many cars in a lifetime. HUH---want more info on the VW Bus..HEHEHEHH

At 6:48 PM, Blogger Hawkman said...

what fond memories I have of sheding blood, sweat and tears over WWI and WWII in my driveway. My only solice is that as long as I know the Pudge there will be more problem children.

At 9:18 PM, Blogger Kodiak said...

1962 Ford Falcon for my 18th birthday (later sold by my dad who gave me the car. I didn't know I had to put in my name.)
1974 Ford Maverick
1975 Mercury Comet
1972 VW Squareback station wagon
1984 Mitsubishi truck
1985 Chevy Spectrum
1989 Dodge Spirit
199? Ford Escort station wagon
1995 Chevy Venture
1988 GMC pickup
2001 Ford Windstar

At 10:20 PM, Blogger Swinging Sammy said...

1979 Dodge Aspen (lasted 2 weeks, darn lightpole)

1983 Chevette (bought at 86,000 gave to my brother at 105,000 a year later)

1979 Chevy pickup (with the 350. my second favorite vehicle ever. Great at knocking things over)

1982 Chevy Caprice Classic (267 engine, slow as molasses, but drank gas like crazy, didn't like this car except that it looked like a cop car, fun to pull my friends over, this car burned down).

1997 Dodge Dakota Pickup (my favorite vehicle ever. I still miss that one.)

2000 Dodge Neon (ran well, good on gas)

2001 Jeep Cherokee (runs ok, still have this one, bad on gas)

2004 Dodge Grand Caravan (I like my minivan better than my Jeep, LOL)

At 1:47 PM, Blogger big j said...

hey doug how about that silver nova you used to abuse oh I mean drive. For everybody out there doug's #1 car was made in 1974 Wait a minute I was born in 1974 go figure.

At 11:02 PM, Blogger michelle said...

Okay I will give this a whirl
1. 1984 ford escort wagon burgundy(parents gave me) traded in
2. 1991 bought new by me black escort lx
3. 1994 bought used purple escort (vinnie's current work car)
4. 1995 dodge intrepid es used and traded in
(will not buy dodge again)
5. 2003 Ford expedition black bought new and currently i drive
6 1994 blue ford escort that is nicholas' car currently

At 9:21 AM, Blogger Doug E. Pudge said...

Thanks Michelle, it's nice to know that there are actually some women out there who have a fondness for their automobiles. Jamie, the fact that the Monte was a '74 has absolutely no relevence to the year you were born. Keep the Nova out of this. Hawkman, if I were just a little smarter I would probaly take offense to your comment! Good thing I'm not! B4T everyone.

At 11:08 AM, Blogger ryan said...

Well let me think about the cars I have owned
1978 dodge d-100 pickup- yellow
1987 jeep Comanche red
1988 ford bronco II red
1997 dodge neon
1993 jeep wrangler red
1958 dodge pickup
1996 honda civic
1993 dodge shadow
1983 chevy El Camino
1992 ford Explorer

At 11:11 AM, Blogger ryan said...

there is more
1981 chevy rust in color
1991 chevy Lumina van
1992 chevy pick up* driving at this time
1997 chevy astro van * runs when it wants to
and that wraps my list of cars for the time being at tax time I just might addd to this list


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